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Whitepaper: Choosing the Right PFAS Tech for Landfill Leachate

In this whitepaper, we will examine currently available technologies for removal, disposal and destruction of PFAS in landfill leachate. The reader will also be guided through a series of exercises to identify which technology is the best fit and how to implement it across your organization.

The future is PFAS-free. We help you make sure of it.

No removal or disposal method has been able to destroy PFAS forever — until now. Aclarity breaks the carbon fluorine bond that for decades made them proliferate in our environment.

With the discovery of the per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in the 1930s, scientists created one of the strongest compound in organic chemistry. By the 1950s, PFAS chemicals were everywhere, from personal care products to nonstick cookware. Since then, these dangerous chemicals have caught the attention of regulators, leading to bans and growing calls for change. The future comes without PFAS. We have the solution required to thrive in an increasingly demanding regulatory environment.

Destroy PFAS in raw landfill leachate with Aclarity. Watch the video:

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Our Experts

Orren Schneider, Chief Science Officer

Orren Schneider, PE, PhD, Chief Science Officer

Pamela Lynch, Chief Operating Officer

Pamela Lynch, Engineer & Chief Operations Officer

Anilkumar Krosuri, Water Process R&D Engineer

Anil Krosuri, PhD, R&D Engineer and Lab Manager

Christopher Hull, Senior Operations Engineer

Chris Hull, PhD, PE, Dir. of Field Operations & Technology

Meeting regulations is just the beginning

How did a waste treatment facility in Michigan address high PFOA and PFOS levels and concerns around upcoming CERCLA regulations on hazardous substances? It sought out Aclarity for help. Read the case study to discover the impact of our PFAS destruction in different leachates.

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With forever chemicals gone, you win.

Aclarity’s EOx system destroys PFAS contaminants, ammonia and nitrogen. Best of all, it’s easy to implement. The impact is felt across your business.

Create a new revenue stream


With PFAS concentrations no longer an issue, you can safely take in more waste.

Mitigate Risks


With Aclarity's PFAS management platform, don't risk being non-compliant with state or federal regulations.

Eliminate off-site trucking


On-site destruction means the end of costly and labor-intensive transportation of PFAS waste to disposal sites.

Reduce labor & maintenance costs


Don’t waste any more dollars or time replacing removal media or with other time consuming maintenance issues. Aclarity’s PFAS management platform allows you to focus on your business. 

Move ahead of the competition


Meet upcoming hazardous waste regulations without running up cost calls for Aclarity.

The Aclarity PFAS Destruction System

Try it for yourself — and make forever chemicals history

Join the growing number of landfills, waste treatment facilities, industrial sites and more that leverage Aclarity to destroy PFAS forever. A site test lets you quickly gauge the power of our electrochemical oxidation system. If you’re anything like the others, it’ll be the start of something good.