We Destroy PFAS And PFOS In Water Forever

Aclarity’s mission is to destroy PFAS forever. The current PFAS removal and disposal methods separate and concentrate PFAS, but do not sufficiently remove PFAS from our environment and therefore do not fully address the problem. The status quo management of PFAS is failing the public and cannot prevail. Our Aclarity electrochemical oxidation system destroys PFAS chemicals in water and liquid waste. We pass concentrated PFAS streams, like raw landfill leachate, through our system and destroy PFAS compounds to greater than 99%.

Which Application Is Right for You?

The Aclarity Pilot Trailer

Our fleet of mobile trailers are available for temporary pilot demonstrations. To apply for an Aclarity pilot, please fill out the form on this page and a team member will reach out to get you on the schedule.