Get a Free PFAS Destruction Evaluation with a PFAS Expert

Not sure where to get started with PFAS at your facility? Learn more about how your organization can start to confront PFAS head on with on-site PFAS destruction. Book a free evaluation with one of our PFAS experts.

In this 15 min evaluation we will:

  • Discuss your specific application and what existing technologies you may already be utilizing.
  • Understand current PFAS levels and ideal PFAS levels.
  • Create an action plan of potential solutions to help your organization achieve your ideal PFAS levels.
  • Discuss options for a sample kit to be deployed to your facility for PFAS testing.

PFAS Evaluation FAQs

What preparation do I need to do before the call?

None, the initial call is designed to better understand your PFAS challenges so we can assess whether we can assist you or not. Depending on the call we can then advise some options open to you.

Are the applications listed the only ones you tackle?

Landfill leachate and industrial wastewater represent some of the more common areas we work in but PFAS can impact a much broader range of industries and sectors. The discovery call can help assess whether Aclarity could assist you with your PFAS challenges.

How is Aclarity different from other PFAS destruction approaches?

Aclarity is best known for its efficacy on high concentration of PFAS, and for its low energy consumption. Aclarity’s Electrochemical Oxidation (EOx) is also the first PFAS destruction technology in the world that is being deployed in a full-scale system.

How much does Aclarity cost?

The Aclarity solution set is varied and the cost determinants are also conditional on several variables so it is very hard to set a cost range without an individual consultation. In the evaluation we can better understand the context of your PFAS challenges and worked towards a price quote.

How can I assess the scale of our PFAS problem?

We can talk you through this on the call. We offer a mobile trailer in North America than can be used on site, to help determine the scale of the problem and the likely cost to resolve your PFAS challenges.

What is Aclarity / EOx?

Aclarity is a Massachusetts based company with a mission to mitigate the harm PFAS is doing to our environment and human health. Our patented electrochemical oxidation (EOx) technology offered through our Octa product is used at industrial sites and landfills to destroy PFAS in highly concentrated waste streams. Our customers have the option to sign up for our PFAS management platform, where equipment is installed and customers are charged by the gallon for PFAS destruction services. If a service model is not of interest, ask us about a capital sale.

Why Aclarity?

Electrochemical Oxidation

With Aclarity's PFAS management platform, don't risk being non-compliant with state or federal regulations. Eliminate PFAS on site and therefore eliminate any downstream risks.

Electrochemical Oxidation

Don’t waste any more dollars or time replacing removal media or with other time consuming maintenance issues. Aclarity’s PFAS management platform allows you to focus on your business.

Electrochemical Oxidation

Scale when you're organization is ready. Meet existing regulations now and prepare for future regulations with affordable PFAS management from Aclarity. Our patented EOx system is modular and easily scales with changes in volume or levels of contaminants.

Electrochemical Oxidation

Reduce operating cost with Aclarity’s low energy process. Our low energy PFAS destruction technology helps keep PFAS management service cost down.

How It Works: Low Energy EOx PFAS Destruction

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