Feedwater or Wastewater. Destroy PFAS On-Site.

Laundry, pulp and paper, automotive - you name it - we have you covered with your PFAS and difficult-to-treat contaminants.

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Destroy PFAS at industrial sites

Don't let repercussions from PFAS slow you down

Destroys PFAS and other anthropogenic compounds with Aclarity’s on-site electrochemical oxidation system. With PFAS gone, there are limitless new opportunities.

Whether there's PFAS in your feedwater or wastewater, destroying on-site makes PFAS worries a thing of the past. Treat upstream for PFAS free process water or downstream to safely dispose of wastewater within current and future PFAS permit limits. Don't fuss with PFAS removal and disposal, including off-site hauling. By destroying PFAS on-site, your facility takes back control of the process.

Meeting regulations is just the beginning

How did a waste treatment facility in Michigan address high PFOA and PFOS levels and concerns around upcoming CERCLA regulations on hazardous substances? It sought out Aclarity for help. Read the case study to discover the impact of our PFAS destruction in different leachates.

Our Mission: Destroy PFAS Forever.

Aclarity is a venture-backed water technology company based in Massachusetts that quickly and safely destroys dangerous contaminants in water at the industrial scale. Aclarity's low energy, electrochemical process makes it easy to destroy unwanted contaminants such as PFAS in landfill leachate, AFFF, IX brine, RO concentrate and more.

Try it for yourself — and make forever chemicals history

Join the growing number of industrial facilities interested in leveraging PFAS destruction from Aclarity. Our complimentary evaluation lets you quickly gauge the power of our electrochemical oxidation system and how it can specifically help your facility. If you’re anything like the others, it’ll be the start of something good.

Get a Free PFAS Destruction Evaluation

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