Octa™ System for PFAS Destruction

The Aclarity Octa™ system destroys PFAS compounds using a proprietary electrochemical process to break down contaminants. Each Aclarity Octa is outfitted with 8 reactors, and can treat up to 16 gallons per minute. The system is modular and additional skids are installed in parallel when flow rates or concentrations of PFAS increase.


Aclarity Octa

Why Octa?

Aclarity’s technology has the ability to destroy PFAS forever, removing the majority of PFAS for our environment and preventing the PFAS from migrating and contaminating even further.

Scale when you're organization is ready. Meet existing regulations now and prepare for future regulations with affordable PFAS management from Aclarity. Our patented EOx system is modular and easily scales with changes in volume or levels of contaminants.

With Aclarity's Octa systems, on-site PFAS destruction is a way to address the problem of PFAS contamination without creating an additional waste stream. Other alternatives, such as removal and disposal, move the problem around, wasting more resources along the way.

Ideal for Landfills and Industrial Sites with PFAS Challenges

Destroy PFAS and mitigate risk at your landfill or centralized waste treatment facility. By destroying PFAS on-site your organization can help to end the PFAS cycle while eliminating risks associated current and upcoming regulations.



Destroy PFAS on-site with low energy EOx.

No removal or disposal method has been able to destroy PFAS forever — until now. Aclarity breaks the carbon fluorine bond that for decades made them proliferate in our environment.

The future comes without PFAS. Get the solution required to thrive in an increasingly demanding regulatory environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of wastewater can you handle?

If we can pump it, we can treat it. We are industry agnostic. But the true answer is driven by economics. We qualify projects by balancing daily volumes, influent PFAS contaminant concentrations, and final effluent goals. Generally, the more concentrated the wastewater, the more economic it is. A ballpark guideline for feasible destruction by Aclarity is an influent concentration of greater than 500 ppt PFAS and less than 500,000 gallons per day volume, though we always work with customers to suggest the most economic treatment train which could involve pre-treatment technology to increase concentrations and decrease volumes.


Does your system foul? What maintenance is required?

Our Octa skids employ a clean in place system for routine rinsing as well as a reverse polarity mechanisms. These are designed to keep our electrodes clean and maximize uptime. Real-time data systems data is monitored to understand if cleaning needs to be increased or parts need to be replaced.


Where is the treated water discharged?

This always depends on what your technology treatment train is, your facility’s location and permitting.


How much does it cost?

Full-scale budgetary pricing can be provided but information such as PFAS concentrations, flow rates and other key pieces of information are required before a quote can be provided. If you are interested in getting a quote, sign up for a PFAS Destruction Evaluation here.


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