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  • Discuss your specific application and what existing technologies you may already be utilizing
  • Understand current PFAS levels and ideal PFAS levels
  • Create an action plan of potential solutions to help your organization achieve your ideal PFAS levels

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Meeting regulations is just the beginning

How did a waste treatment facility in Michigan address high PFOA and PFOS levels and concerns around upcoming CERCLA regulations on hazardous substances? It sought out Aclarity for help. Read the case study to discover the impact of our PFAS destruction in different leachates.

Nature is better off without PFAS. And so is your business.

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The future of waste management starts now. Destruction beats disposal so we created an on-site solution that puts an end to PFAS for good. When our EOx process meets forever chemicals, the environment is not the only winner. Get a free evaluation for your PFAS destruction needs today.