How It Works: Aclarity PFAS Destruction Technology

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Aclarity EOx How It works

Using Technology to Destroy PFAS, Forever.

The Aclarity system destroys PFAS using a proprietary electrochemical process technology to breaks down contaminants. We work with treatment facilities, municipalities, landfills and other organizations to solve large, cost prohibitive water problems upstream. In drinking water, the contaminants are destroyed and clean water passes out the other side of the Aclarity system.

Forever Chemicals? No More. Watch Now:

Meeting regulations is just the beginning

How did a waste treatment facility in Michigan address high PFOA and PFOS levels and concerns around upcoming CERCLA regulations on hazardous substances? It sought out Aclarity for help. Read the case study to discover the impact of our PFAS destruction in different leachates.

Addressing the Status Quo.

Aclarity is the first emerging contaminant PFAS destruction technology in the world that is being deployed in a full-scale system. Other alternatives, such as removal and disposal, move the problem around, wasting more resources along the way. Aclarity’s technology has the ability to destroy PFAS forever, removing the majority of PFAS for our environment and preventing the PFAS from migrating and contaminating even further.

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